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Credibile Talent meets Right Fit Opportunities

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Bringing Trust to Hiring


Credible Talent

  • Professionals trust us with private data about their goals and aspirations
  • Ultra-Trustworthy Blockchain based Credibility Assertion

ML & Cognitive Intelligence Right Fit

  • Our Machine Learning system highlights and rank potential hires
  • Highly skilled recruitment experts review and approve right fit taking out any guess work

Genuine Opportunities

  • Organizations trust us with data about their desired ideal candidates, the current incumbent and expectations
  • Smart Engagement engine ensures Transparency through the process

Bringing Trust to Hiring



  • Enhance your credebility
  • Secure work experience repository
  • Let right jobs find you
  • Manage your job hunt with ease


  • Free Applicant Tracking System
  • Resume parsing to fast track screening
  • Seamless engagement with candidates
  • Smart matching & right fit indicator


  • Attract credible talent pool
  • Improve sourcing & screening efficiency by leveraging ML & AI
  • Enhance candidate experience
  • Engage hires through screening to onboarding

Our ML and Cognitive hybrid matching technology, the core of our solution, our ginie in the bottle transforms every day activity experiences from the ordinary into the extraordinary enabling Organizations and Credible Professionals to connect efficiently.